PyPI README badges

Note, this article was published over 3 years ago and hence the content may be stale. Consume with a pinch of salt.

Thanks to @kuramanga, it's now possible to add shiny PyPi badges to your Python project READMEs that indicate the latest released version on PyPI and the total number of downloads.

django-oscar PyPi badges

This screenshot is taken from django-oscar's README.

Embed these badges in your own repo as Restructured text:

.. image::$REPO/badge.png
    :alt: Latest PyPI version

.. image::$REPO/badge.png
    :alt: Number of PyPI downloads

or Markdown:

[![PyPi version]($REPO/badge.png)]($REPO/)
[![PyPi downloads]($REPO/badge.png)]($REPO/)

The code is available on Github, see also Olivier Lacan's shields repo.