I'm a software engineer working in London. In the daytime, I'm an engineer at JustYoyo, London-based payments and loyalty start-up. London-based digital agency; while at night, I hack on personal projects and open-source software.


At Yoyo, I'm working on a microservices platform built using Django, RabbitMQ and Celery.

Most of work at Tangent revolves around e-commerce, using mainly Python but sometimes also PHP. To try and make my life easier, I wrote django-oscar, a domain-driven ecommerce framework for Django. My life temporarily got 34% easier until other annoyances rose up to fill the void.

I wrote and (occassionally) maintain commandlinefu.com.

See Github for other projects.


I have a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Nottingham - you can read my thesis if you like.

There are a few papers out there based on my research:

You may also be interested in an online tutorial I put together back in the dreamy days of 2004.


You can use Twitter or Github if you're so inclined, but email is preferred.