Hello, I’m David, a software engineer.


I’m Head of Engineering at Octopus Energy, a tech-focussed UK energy supplier. I help run a team of engineers building the “Kraken” software platform that underpins the business. Octopus Energy became the 15th UK tech “unicorn” in May 2020, after investment from Origin Energy.

Previously I’ve worked as:

One of my strengths is building and running teams that write high-quality, maintainable software.


Everything to do with software; but especially:

  • Design, patterns and architecture.
  • Tests, testing and TDD (I’m a keen advocate of London-school TDD and Discovery testing).
  • Unix, Bash and working at the command-line (I originally wrote the site commandlinefu.com).
  • Python, Javascript, Golang.
  • Vim, Git.
  • AWS, the “Hashistack”, infrastructure-as-code.
  • The practices of effective teams: code review, continuous deployment, pairing etc

Conference talks

Plus several talks for local Python/Django user groups. Assorted slidedecks are available on Speakerdeck.


I have a PhD in Applied Mathematics as well as a 1st class MMath Mathematics degree from the University of Nottingham and a few published papers:

  • Sqrt(5):2 mode interactions on a square lattice
    Int. J. Bif. and Chaos 14 11 3883-3897
    D.M. Winterbottom
  • Oscillatory pattern formation with a conservation law
    Nonlinearity 18 1031-1056
    D.M. Winterbottom, P.C. Matthews, S.M. Cox
  • Pattern Formation in a Model of a Vibrated Granular Layer
    SIAM J. Appl. Dyn. Syst. 7(1) 63-78
    D.M. Winterbottom, S.M. Cox, P.C. Matthews