May 2021


  • Reading William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition. Have recently finished two excellent books: Douglas Stuart’s Shuggie Bain and Grace Dent’s Hungry.

  • Still plodding through Band of Brothers. Recently enjoyed The Terror and Netflix’s Suburra.

  • Am playing Watchdogs: Legion and Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla when I get the chance.


  • Starting getting back into bouldering.

  • Am hoping to start playing cricket again at Enfield Cricket Club.

January 2021


  • Reading Zadie Smith’s White Teeth as part of an attempt to avoid exclusively reading books by white men.

  • Haven’t finished any of the series mentioned in November update but have also started Mindhunter season 2 and The Queen’s Gambit.

  • Speaking of chess, I highly recommend Daniel Naroditsky’s “speed run” YouTube series, which I’m working my way through.


  • Doing a lot of lockdown runs; am trying to get my running time below 4:30 per km — am getting closer.

November 2020


  • Reading Ian Dunt’s How to be a liberal, which I’m enjoying greatly.

  • Watching Schitt’s Creek with Katy and juggling Gomorrah Season 3, Band of Brothers and Dark Season 1 on my own.

  • Not started any new podcasts for a while — am listening to old favourites like Guardian: Today in Focus, Athletico Mince, Desert Island Discs and The Economist.

  • Still working my way through Red Dead Redemption on an old Xbox 360. Looking forward to getting a Series X later this year and playing something more modern than 2010.


  • Gutted that the second UK lockdown is forcing Stronghold to close its doors for an unknown period.

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