Auto-generating an FAQ with Prototype

Have just been writing an FAQ page for Documenting is always tiresome, but FAQs particularly so when hand-coding the HTML links between each question and the summary table at the top of the page.

Javascript to the rescue: I cobbled together a quick Prototype script which automatically generates the FAQ summary links by parsing the DOM for the appropriate links:

document.observe("dom:loaded", function () {
  $$("a.question").each(function (ele) {
    var id = ele.innerHTML
      .gsub(/[^\w- ]/, "")
      .gsub(/[\s-]+/, "-")
    ele.writeAttribute({ id: id });
    var link = new Element("a", { href: "#" + id })
      .observe("click", function (event) {
    $("questions").insert(new Element("li").insert(link));

Now, all I have to do is write my FAQ ensuring the questions live in anchor tags with the class “question” and there is an empty list tag at the top of the page to house the summary block.

Here’s two snapshots the relevant section of the DOM before and after the dom:loaded event has fired. Before:

<ul id="questions"></ul>
    <dt><a class="question">What is this site?</a></dt>
    <dt><a class="question">Who created this site?</a></dt>

and after:

<ul id="questions">
    <li><a href="#what-is-this-site">What is this site?</a></li>
    <li><a href="#who-created-this-site">Who created this site?</a></li>
    <dt><a class="question" id="what-is-this-site">What is this site?</a></dt>
    <dt><a class="question" id="who-created-this-site">Who created this site?</a></dt>

As you can see, the javascript simply extracts the relevant content from the questions and inserts the appropriate identities and links into the DOM to form the quick-links. Using the Effect.ScrollTo function also gives a pleasant user experience.


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