Someone has asked a question (in Slack or Github) and you’re about to write an explanation. But before you start typing, ask yourself this:

Is this the best place to answer this question?

Because the place where the question is asked is generally not the best place to write a detailed answer.

“Why did you do it that way?”

Imagine you’ve requested a review on a Github pull request and one of the reviewers has questioned why something is done the way it is.

Your first inclination might be to reply to the review comment, explaining your reasoning. But is that the best way to explain?

Wouldn’t it be better to rework the code being queried so the answer to the question is obvious? So that future maintainers won’t find themselves asking the same question.

So open your editor and rework the code to make the question redundant. This could be through renaming functions and variables, refactoring the implementation, or by adding improved commentary.

Then your Github reply could be along the lines of:

I’ve reworked the code to answer this question — see this fix-up commit.

This applies everywhere

This introspection is useful wherever you explain. Ask yourself:

  • Could an explanation in a comment be captured in code instead?

  • Could an explanation in a commit message be captured in comments or in the code itself?

  • Could an explanation in a pull request description be captured in commit messages or code changes?

  • Could an explanation in a pull request comment be captured in commit messages or code changes?

  • Could an explanation in a Slack thread be captured in your documentation?

Always look for a deeper, more permanent place to record explanations, ideally in the codebase or related documentation. Avoid explaining in ephemeral Slack- or Github conversation threads which won’t be easily discoverable by future maintainers.

Through doing this, fewer people will feel the need to ask a particular question and, when they do, you will have ready-made reference for them.

The accumulated compound interest of this practice is huge.


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