Installing the latest RabbitMQ on Ubuntu 18.04

I wasted a morning trying to install RabbitMQ v3.7.12 (the latest version as of Feb 2019) on an Ubuntu 18.04 machine using Puppet. This as tricky as:

  1. Only RabbitMQ version 3.6.10 is available from the default repositories;
  2. Getting Puppet to install packages from custom locations can be painful.


Use these Puppet modules in your Puppetfile:

mod 'computology-packagecloud', '0.3.2'
mod 'garethr-erlang', '0.3.0'
mod 'puppet-rabbitmq', "9.0.0"

and something like this in your manifest code:

include "erlang"

packagecloud::repo { "rabbitmq/rabbitmq-server":
    type => "deb",

class { "rabbitmq":
    require => [

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