Tips for using Github Copilot in Vim

Based on a few weeks of using vim-copilot, I recommend the following:

  1. Enable Copilot for the gitcommit, markdown and yaml filetypes:

    let g:copilot_filetypes = {
        \ 'gitcommit': v:true,
        \ 'markdown': v:true,
        \ 'yaml': v:true
        \ }

    By default, these and few others are disabled but I’ve found them to be useful. It’s often amusing to see Copilot’s attempts to complete your commit messages.

  2. Disable Copilot for large files as it can be slow and impair the editing experience:

     autocmd BufReadPre *
         \ let f=getfsize(expand("<afile>"))
         \ | if f > 100000 || f == -2
         \ | let b:copilot_enabled = v:false
         \ | endif

    This autocommand disables Copilot for files larger than 100KB. See my related TIL post for more details on this.


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