I’ve migrated this site to Hugo so I can host it on Github pages1.

Hugo is a fast and well thought-out static site generator, written in Golang. It’s easy to learn and has some neat features2 - the trickiest part is understanding the difference between various ways pages are organised: “sections”, “types”, “taxonomies” etc.

The Vim plugin vim-markdown provides good support for authoring Hugo posts since it supports syntax-highlighting for:

  • Github-style “fenced” code blocks and
  • JSON or TOML front-matter.

Both things that Hugo supports.

Downside: you have to use git submodules to keep the public folder of HTML files in a separate repo.

  1. Which lets you do neat things like link to the revision history of an article – see below. ↩︎

  2. Like footnotes in markdown (thanks to the blackfriday library). ↩︎


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