Multi-scp: copying a file to all hosts in your SSH config

I am totally reliant on my bash aliases and readline configuration. When working on a new server, the first thing I do is copy over my local Bash (~/.bashrc) and Readline (~/.inputrc) configuration files.

One mildly annoying issue is when you update a config file, it’s a pain to copy it onto all your remote hosts. To scratch this itch, I wrote a simple node.js executable for copying a file to all the defined hosts in your ~/.ssh/config file

Usage is trivial:

$ multi-scp ~/.bashrc
Starting sync of '~/.bashrc' to all hosts in /home/david/.ssh/config
-> Copying to mars
-> Copying to venus
-> Copying to jupiter
<- Successful copy to mars
<- Successful copy to venus
<- Successful copy to jupiter

Using node.js seems an odd choice as this could trivially be done in another scripting language. However, I wanted to use node as:

  • it allows the copy operation to run asynchronously in a child process with a callback to handle completion and error;
  • it’s fashionable.

The code is on Github as usual.


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