May 01, 2014
The road to Oscar 1.0

A plan for 2014

July 09, 2013
purl, URI templates and generated tests

Matching the RFC using Nose’s test generators

September 02, 2012
Cacheback - asynchronous cache refreshing for Django

A simple caching library that uses Celery to refresh stage cache items

April 19, 2012
purl - immutable URL objects for Python

An immutable URL class designed for easy inspection and manipulation

April 01, 2012
January 13, 2012
Introducing unittest-xml: testing XML in Python

A simple module for making XPath assertions

May 22, 2011
Multi-scp: copying a file to all hosts in your SSH config

Using node.js to copy a file to multiple remote hosts

March 13, 2011
Domain-model-mapper - A PHP Data Mapper implementation

A lightweight implementation of the Data Mapper for PHP 5.3

November 10, 2010
nurl - an immutable URL object for node.js

A URL value object for node.js

January 22, 2009
Current pet project: Command-Line-Fu

Creating a site for sharing commands

February 01, 2005
Tutorial: the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation

An introduction to this well-known equation.